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Re: I need an idiot proof way to make yogurt.


I finally was able to make my own yogurt on Thursday night. My thermometer was a bit haywire though so by the time I realized that it wasn't working my milk was 120 degrees instead of 110. I let it cool down to about 115 but at that point I had to go to bed and figured since I was putting cold starter yogurt in it, it wouldn't be THAT bad. Next time I will just use my non-digital candy thermometer.

I then put it in a 2 quart (roughly) casserole dish. This seemed to work out well. I covered it and just put it in my oven with the oven light on. Then I prayed for the best.

The next morning I checked on it and it seemed like yogurt to me, but DH thought it needed to get a bit thicker. So I left it in for about 14 hours in total before moving it to the fridge. Raw milk yogurt is thinner then pasteurized yogurt so I expect some runny-ness.

All told it worked out great and I can't wait to do it again. I have yogurt cheese hanging right now from it and I am getting lots of whey! We also had muesli for breakfast the last 2 days!
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