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Originally Posted by homebirthmom
yeah I dont like any of the other cities in TX at all. lots of smokers, grungy cow boys and BIG hair. austin fits cause its colorful hair, really friendly people and i love zilker park. we got married there in Nov of last yr the only thing i dont like is the litter, the homeless people and the possible 100 degree heat.
im way up north in the US. its cold and altho very safe, we are stuck inside alot as we dont ski. summer we are outside every single day at the pool, mowing the lawn, walks etc.

i think we will be taking another vacation there next month and I may decide if I want to go back. hubby moved from there to my state to be with me he misses the tan skin and warmth. we are way too old for this bone chilling aches
My DH wants to move to a place where it's cooler like Colorado or Seattle. I love the snow - I ski but haven't in a couple of years.
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