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Re: Need Help with weaning!

I found that the nursing just after waking up after nap time was the next that was easier to eliminate. We would just find someone else really interesting to do, or a really enticing snack like strawberries. 2nd to last nursing to eliminate was the morning one. That one was tough but same idea...snack and milk in a sippy cup. Last one to go was the bedtime nursing. Husband and I started switching off nights of putting him to bed. It was VERY tough. Once DS got used to it, I slowly started reducing the time DS spent at each breast until we got down to about 3 minutes each side. Then switched to just one side each night for about 5 minutes. At that point, DS's interest started to decline and he just stopped asking for "Nursies" on his own. Tough, long transition but we wanted to do it as peacefully as possible.
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