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Originally Posted by FindingMercy
It's up to you. Do you feel ready to be done? If so, then work on weaning. If you're fine nursing still, then keep at it.

There's no need to wean now if you don't want to, but I believe nursing is a relationship that both people involved have to still want to make it work.
I have mixed feelings about it. It's very uncomfortable when he nurses now. And it doesn't help that he won't stay still, so it's painful sometimes too. But I also know that it can benefit him nutritionally, I just know he's not getting much right now even when he nurses for 20 minutes after he's gotten the last drop. Part of me is ready to be done and part of me wants to hold on to this last little part of his babyhood, since he's ready to PL (so no more diapers) and his independence is growing daily. He's a very cuddly boy, but not while nursing. I also don't want to wait till it will be a major battle either (I don't want to nurse past 2, I'm not comfortable with that at all), we've had enough of those with breaking bad habits formed in crisis. I just don't know, we had such a hard first year with other things, this was the one thing that was consistent and now I'm reluctant to let it go even though I feel like its close to that time. :/

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