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Yep, my DH would've been fine with just one. It took me until DS #1 was 2.5 to talk him into trying for #2. I just did not want to have an only child, period. Well, because I had fertility issues, DS #1 ended up being an only child for 6 years. I did get pregnant when DS #1 was 4.5 and we found out it was twins. Unfortunately I miscarried at 9 weeks. It was devastating to lose two babies and a pregnancy I'd waited, prayed and hoped for for almost 3 years. We did 3 IUI's after that to get pregnant much quicker and had DS #2. Then when DS #2 was about 2 I told DH I felt like someone was missing from our family. I think I was just haunted from losing two babies. After much thought and discussion he decided he was open to having a third. I think he knew I really wanted to try for a daughter and after we were going to have three kids at one point, it wasn't as hard to convince him. I told him I couldn't handle the NTNP route so we went right back to fertility treatments and this time went straight for the big guns and did IVF. Now we're expecting twin girls in Aug! So we went from one to 4 and little does he know I plan to work on him pretty hard after the twins are born to transfer our other two frozen embryos at some point! I don't feel bad at all about twisting his arm over it because he loves our kids so much and is so devoted to them I know he'd be happy with as many as we have. I'm thinking a lot about the long term too and told him I want a house full of family when our kids are grown. Just nothing better in my mind!
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