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Re: Being Banned?!

Originally Posted by CntryMama View Post
In a few years you will be doing the same thing! haha... They are working on it - yay! Dinner time..
Originally Posted by CntryMama View Post
Oh, on top of not getting anything done I have probably spent well over $3,000 on diapers for one child.... And now that a new one is coming my 200+ diaper is not enough and I need a WHOLE stash of GMD workhorses (or whatever is really popular at the time...). I am consumed by diapers :giggles: I want to be consumed by my children and family and God - no more diapers, no more line drying them no more redoing my stash... It was fun though!
Eeek she's right. I am spending way to much and I'm not even pregnant! Is it normal to buy diapers not because you need them but because it makes you happy?! I think I need help. Wait, don't ban me!!
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