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Re: First time cooking fish - Help!! Please!

I usually cook salmon skin side down in a glass 9X13 pan. I rub olive oil over each filet, squeeze a lime or two over it, and salt and pepper to taste. I bake at 350*F for about 20 minutes, until the fish flakes easily with a fork. It is really easy to over cook, and really yucky when it is overdone, so I tend to start checking it around 15 minutes. I find that the fish slips off the skin pretty easily when cooked, so I don't try to remove it until right before serving. I never turn the filets over, just place them in skin side down, and leave them that way until serving.

I'm sorry I don't have amounts or a more precise recipe. I really sort of gauge it by how many filets I am cooking, and how it looks in the pan.

As far as leftovers, you should be fine placing any leftovers in a glass dish with an ice pack in the bag. If it's going to be warm, two ice packs is probably a better choice.
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