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Re: Why cant birth control have useful side effects?

Like any birth control, "user" failure is included in those numbers. So, if you think there is any chance you (or your DH) won't be able to either abstain or use a barrier method when your fertile, then it is not the way to go if you absolutely don't want to get pregnant. We used FAM (TCOYF) with condoms during fertile time (using 5 day rule only before ovulation-makes sense once you read the book) and did not get pregnant for 3 years prior to deciding to conceive. And we got pregnant that first month BUT, my husband is the strong willed one and if it was up to me, we would probably "forget" at some point. Prior to using FAM, we only used condoms and also never got pregnant 5 yrs or so? Again, DH was a perfect user. Although I have used it perfectly in the past, I am BF right now (and night nursing...) so I can't reliably chart So, back to condoms full time, which sucks. I kinda feel in the same boat, wanting a birth control with no side effects. We were planning vasectomy when were done having kids, but the more I read about it, the less I think he should get it done, gah
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