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Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
I forgot to tell you ladies, I won a Planetwise wet/dry bag from Nicki's Diapers FB page! I get an email today that they shipped it today! I actually hadn't bought one yet, I always just used plastic bags when I CDed DS
That's awesome! I kept hoping to see my name for a giveaway.

Originally Posted by Clothobsessed2010 View Post
What do you all wear home from the hospital?
Sports pants and tshirt!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post

Ugh yes. I have a feeling I'm being used as a pacifier now, because there's no way he could be this hungry. 30 min at 130, 30 min at 230 and I finally gave in again at 4 and it's going on 20 minutes now.

But if I try to take him off, he acts hungry and will not go to sleep.

My nipples hurt!!

Hope he's eating and this is atleast worth it
Oh man. I remember that with DS. He is probably hungry and your milk isn't fully in yet. But that sucking helps it come in so I'd totally let him if it keeps him from crying. You don't get sleep but at least there is a little silence?
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