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Re: Chat Thread ~ Apr 7th - 13th

Emily, I think it's really common for baby to "use you as a pacifier". It's not exactly pleasant but really helps your supply and soothes baby. I am sorry to hear you had a bad dr. I had an awful dr with dd. dh was in the army then so it was just whoever was on call. I had never met her before and she didn't care a thing about what I wanted. Thank god nobody expected me to progress so quickly and she didn't make it there for the birth so the nurses delivered dd. she showed up right after and was so rough. Yuck. That is a big part of why I do not want to have this baby until my dr is back in town Friday. Cuz of that awful experience last time. so I totally understand that feeling.
I was up at 3 am for a couple hrs. Baby has been so quiet past couple days and when I got up to potty I tried poking around my belly and couldn't get baby to move at all. So of course I got up and got a glass of choc milk and sat in the living room for an hour and baby moved around plenty. So thank goodness for that. Had me very worried.
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