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Re: Why cant birth control have useful side effects?

Originally Posted by theonenonlymrssmith View Post
I can't use it when Breastfeeding?? I haven't read that before! I am still nursing my 17 month old, and he still nurses at night too...

please forgive all typos due to auto correct's lack of mind reading abilities. :-)
Its not that you "can't," its just much harder to read your fertile symptoms while BF. Are your cycles regulated now? I just had my first PPAF last month, so I couldn't even start charting yet IYKWIM. Also, for sympto-thermal method you need to check your temp in the morning when you first wake up, at the same time every day, preferably after being asleep for 5 hrs strait. My DD nurses the most in the early morning hours, so I assume that would throw it off.

Like PP, I can't emphasize stronger to either take a class with a good instructor or read TCOYF and use the most strict rules. Check out too, they have a forums for TTA that were helpful for feedback, and maybe some that used it reliably while still nursing at night.
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