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Re: Chat Thread ~ Apr 7th - 13th

Originally Posted by Clothobsessed2010 View Post
Contractions sound like such a tease! It'll be the real show soon
Yes, they are a tease! I keep trying really hard not to let my hopes rise when they come on. I do remember them feeling very different when labor truly started with Levi, I just knew, there was no doubt. So I'm counting on that this time too!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Ugh yes. I have a feeling I'm being used as a pacifier now, because there's no way he could be this hungry. 30 min at 130, 30 min at 230 and I finally gave in again at 4 and it's going on 20 minutes now.
It is tough, but he's likely trying to bring in your milk

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
Oh man. I remember that with DS. He is probably hungry and your milk isn't fully in yet. But that sucking helps it come in so I'd totally let him if it keeps him from crying. You don't get sleep but at least there is a little silence?
Although I wouldn't say he's truly hungry yet. Babies aren't born feeling hunger and getting that connection - part of why they're able to sleep for hours and hours and not wake to feed. Cuz they're used to just getting what they need all the time, kwim?
But instinct or whatever you wanna call it is telling him to suckle and bring on the milk!

Emily - Can you nurse side-lying and sleep after latching him on? I had to train myself to do that with DS1 - I wasn't able to with DD very well and it was terrible not sleeping.

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
Thanks for the info on inductions, man I am worried about the vbac chance!
I really completely understand your worries. Honestly, if you could go back and see my posts and complaining the last few weeks with DS3's pregnancy... I was just so dead-set on wanting a VBAC and was terrified it wasn't going to work out.
I'm for you, that things will fall into place and everything will go smoothly.

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
We got here and got a horrible dr (maybe story later after everyone has their LO's) BUT she was very pro taking the vbac one step at a time and letting things progress as long as they were progressing.
Oh no! That stinks. I would love to hear the story, though - if you wanna post now, just add a little disclaimer/note at the top of the post as a warning, kwim?

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I let him pop himself off instead of taking him off like I did at the second one and he slept a bit
That's definitely a must, IMO - let baby decide when he's done, don't try to unlatch him yourself, or really vice versa either, trying to keep them nursing after they're done, kwim?

Originally Posted by babyrosie View Post
That is a big part of why I do not want to have this baby until my dr is back in town Friday. Cuz of that awful experience last time. so I totally understand that feeling.
I was up at 3 am for a couple hrs. Baby has been so quiet past couple days and when I got up to potty I tried poking around my belly and couldn't get baby to move at all. So of course I got up and got a glass of choc milk and sat in the living room for an hour and baby moved around plenty. So thank goodness for that. Had me very worried.
baby will wait it out for you!
Thank goodness baby moved a bunch. Quiet babies can be very worrisome.

Originally Posted by delicatefade View Post
Sorry about my misinformation... Like I said, I have never had to research it. I just figured cervidel would be better because it just softens the cervix. But again, I have zero experience.
Sorry if you feel jumped on! I honestly didn't mean to come across that way, but I couldn't just let that info sit and not say anything either, kwim?

Actually, cervidil works by thinning and softening the cervix. The cervix, however, is just the bottom "neck" of the uterus. So not only does the cervix itself soften and thin, but the lower portion of the uterus, the area where the prior incision would be, also gets thinned - which is exactly what you don't want.
This is also why it increases the risk of uterine rupture in non-VBACs as well - because it still thins out the lower portion of the uterus, and noone really knows how thick it is to begin with.

AFM: Gotta get ready and out the door for another appt. Blech with the weekly ones! Hopefully this will be my last one, though - !

On the room front - DH finished the painting yesterday and the guys are putting in the floor tonight I'm so excited!
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