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Re: My peepee hurts?'s first reaction was to give him water too. His urine wasn't clear this morning, but not really dark either...maybe a little more concentrated than usual but not much. Still, that could be it. I was thinking more along the lines of the cranberry juice because that's what I've always been told to do for a UTI but I don't know if he will even drink that. I guess mom will give him water and make sure he's well hydrated this afternoon and I'll swing by the store and pick up some cranberry juice or maybe cran-apple would go over better (I LOVE that stuff!). If the water doesn't do the trick this afternoon, I'll give him some juice this evening and see what happens tomorrow. I thought boys didn't get UTIs? The way this kid likes to pick and pull and play with his "anatomy" it's no wonder it hurts...I don't even have one and it hurts to watch!! Oops...that's another post though.
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