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Re: Why cant birth control have useful side effects?

Originally Posted by theonenonlymrssmith View Post
I do have TCOYF on the way to me! So I'll definitely be getting good information before I start. Do cervical and cervical mucous checks work while your nursing?? I wouldn't have bothered getting the book right now had I known I wasn't a good candidate for this method at the moment.
Honestly, I do think it will be hard to learn FAM properly if you don't have a regular cycle yet. If you had been using FAM before pregnancy and knew your body really well it would be different. It certainly wouldn't hurt to read up on it though.

ETA- TCOYF is sympto-thermal. I believe the billings method deals with *just* cervical mucus and may be better while BF since that isn't affected while night nursing. I don't know much about that method though. I know for myself, I have had quite a bit of cervical mucus since giving birth, so I would have mostly had to abstain or use condoms anyway...

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