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Re: Please just reassure me

I would 100% call your provider at a minimum. The only reason I wouldn't just go straight to the hospital to get checked out is because they can do a nst in my midwives office and it is much less expensive than having it done at the hospital.

She is probably completely fine and you haven't felt much due to the possible explanations already discussed. But it is a million times better to check on her and go home knowing she's fine than to ignore your concerns and continue to worry!

My last DD wasn't very active the morning I got up at 40w1d. I called my MWs and they had me come in for a NST. Baby was okay, but not as responsive as they would like to see, so we decided it was time to have a baby. They monitored her my whole labor and she was always okay, but never responsive like they wanted to see. She was born perfectly, completely fine. I'm just sharing the story because it was really inconvenient to go in for the NST that day, and I was 100% expecting that she would perk up when I got there and I'd be sent home after 20 min on the monitors. In the end, everything turned out totally fine, but I am really glad that I listened to what I was feeling and went and got checked out.

Praying for you and baby girl, mama!
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