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Re: Yeast Rash and Thrush? Homemade remedies?

We have had recurring yeast issues with my DD, too. Creams from the doc never made it go away and stay gone. It would go and then just come back. She had it for years. She's 6 now and it has finally stopped coming back since she stopped having so many potty accidents.

First and foremost, I recommend Callendula cream. I swear by it. Particularly the Weleda Calendula diaper cream. It is pricey, but so so so worth the $$ IMO. I've not found a rash that this cream DOESN'T work on.

I've also had success with tea tree oil, mixed with coconut butter.

Also have had great success with Apple Cider Vinegar. It kills both yeast and bacteria. So it can be used for UTIs as well. Draw a shallow bath and pour some ACV in and have her sit and play in it. (like a sitz bath I guess)

Yogurt is good, but you'll want something a bit stronger as far as probiotic properties go. I'd look into something like Culterelle or a probiotic powder you could mix into drinks for her.

On top of that, I'd change her diet to minimize carbs, greatly increase her fruits & veggies, and have a good amount of protein with each meal. Increase her water intake, and limit (even eliminate if you can) any juices or sodas.

Make sure she is getting plenty of time outside in fresh air and sunlight to play. That is important for a healthy immune system to kill off ickies.

...if you can't tell, we spent a LOT of time dealing with yeast rashes...

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