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Re: Yeast Rash and Thrush? Homemade remedies?

Originally Posted by MyKzooFamily View Post
So the apple cider vinegar goes right on the bum? Does it sting on the rash? I'll have to put it in her bath, too.

We are using sposies now, but have to switch to cloth, so hopefully that will help. She kept getting BAD rashes when we would switch from Pampers Cruisers to Pampers Baby Dry, so I desperately put together some money to get her a stash started, and hopefully we'll have 10-12 diapers by the beginning of next week we can use. I may try to make my own fitteds for her this weekend, too.
I wouldn't put undiluted ACV directly on the rash. It WILL sting. Badly if the rash is severe.

You can dilute it and put it in a peri bottle and just rinse her bum off after each change, then add a bit to her baths. Or, you can make a diluted solution and use cloth wipes soaked with that for her changes to wipe her down with.
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