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Originally Posted by Schelle77
Do u notice she moves more after u eat and less when ur blood sugar is low?
Eating didn't do anything. Even when I ate some extra carbs to make sure I had more than my normal reading (though still below 140)

Originally Posted by EmilyMae12
Thinking of you, mama! When I was about 39 weeks, DD decided to not move for quite a while, I couldn't feel her for a few hours and they had me come in. Of course, they put the doppler on and she had a strong heartbeat and then she started kicking and rolling around like crazy. I cried so hard, it was the peace of mind I needed. Hope everything is OK mama!
She did exactly that. They got me hooked up and she went nuts.

I'm contracting, but not regularly enough. She looks good so I'll go home and hope she's not a stinker tomorrow

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