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Originally Posted by cbreeding
Most that use this phrase (that I know in real life), refer to the roughhousing (as in rough physical contact) between boys similar in age but that they themselves (the parent) choose not to police/interfere/correct because "boys will be boys." If two little girls were to act the same way, the parents would be right on top of things, correcting and disciplining.

Even though I have a boy, not a fan of the phrase. I think it's looking the otherway at undesirable behavior just because they are boys.
This is what I think. Too many people use the phrase to excuse unacceptable behavior they are unwilling to correct. I do find differences between my son and my daughters. My son gets into twice the trouble that either of my girls did, and they were not angels. I think "boys will be boys" can be used when they manage to turn anything into a gun and somehow instinctively know how to make car sounds.
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