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Re: S/O boys will be boys

Honestly I haven't heard people say that much.....

I have 4 boys. I think it's a natural testosterone thing also that they are more physical than girls I know. There are always tons of exceptions....girls who play rougher, boys who are gentle.

I know from an early age, probably 10 months, 3 of my 4 had the boy thing down with vrooming of the toy cars, wacking toy hammers etc.

I came from a family of just girls though, so I don't really tolerate a ton of roughness with my boys. I know the (previous) neighbor boys would wrestle on the ground while waiting for the school bus????Dad just standing there looking, saying how they are boys?? I seriously would not let my kids do that, esp right before the bus comes....spending all day in school dirty maybe wet. They are very "boys will be boys" oriented....always and excuse for roughness. I don't really tolerate hitting, no sticks(seriously someone ALWAYS get's hurt with a stick). We hide the light saber after a day or so!

I do think it's equally "girls will be girls" though with that excuse given for girls being particular or scared of stuff.
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