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Re: Diagnosed gd as a scare tactic??

I get really sick from the drink as well. I did the 1 hour test 3 times this last pregnancy, and refused to do the 3 hour until I had a borderline result with the final one. There is nothing wrong with you for getting sick drinking liquid sugar. Nobody shouldbe able totolerate that much sugar without adverse effects. I was violently ill for days after all of my tests a d aside from a high bmi had no other risk factors. My midwives were absolutely suportive thankfully. One of them believes glucose intolerance is not a product of pregnancy, that it was either there all along waiting to be diagnosed or that it was something that would present eventually. I would remind her that you are in charge of any and every decision regarding your body and pregnancy. You can refuse all tests and still demand the birth experience that you want.
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