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Originally Posted by thejuel View Post

The covers are all Flips and one concord colored diaper safari cover.

The flats are a dozen diaper rite larges and 2 dozen flour sack towels.

My favorite prefold/flats are thirsties prefolds that I seam ripped to be flats lol. They are in the front stack.

I love snappied flats. It's sooo trim. I stuff the pockets with the old style blueberry microfiber/hemp inserts for day time and Thirsites prefold size 2 for nights
I just remembered you posting on one of my threads about hemp

I am in love with Thirsties prefolds now! You've created a monster

We haven't made it to size 2 yet so I'm curious how long you think they will fit? I guess it's a different fit when made in to flats...
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