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Re: Simple moms of girls... Anyone with me?

As someone who was forced to wear TickleMe! brand overpriced boutique crap with matching hairbows until the 5th grade, I solemnly swear never to do the same to my daughter. I don't know if you guys remember this clothing line, but it had actual 3d stuff glued/sewn to it with matching leggings and bows. It was so embarrassing. I just wanted to be able to play and run with the other kids without having to worry about whether I would get in trouble for getting my stupid outfit dirty.

We mostly do basics, but that doesn't keep my family from sending us gigantic waves of pepto colored frill and bows. Honestly having a SAHD in our house nips any potential problems right in the bud! He wouldn't even know where to begin to put a bow or giant-baby-head-eating-flower in and I prefer to keep it that way. That's not to say our daughter doesn't have lots of "girly" clothes. She wears skirts/dresses and has pink stuff, etc, but it's all practical and comfortable. Most of it was cheap or second hand. I even let her wear skinny jeans (they fit her best), but it's usually with hoodies and high top addidas or chucks. They aren't very "sexy" or even girly at the point.

It's so strange to see the difference in what we and local friends and family bought and what we were gifted by American friends and family. We are expecting a boy now and when I went through our things to get the girly stuff out, 90% of it was from the States. I was beginning to think gender neutral clothing didn't exist over there anymore.
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