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Totally agree!

DH is with me... No big bows, no writing on your bum, and no shorty-shorts that show your undies/diaper. DD is two and it is getting increasingly hard to find age appropriate clothing. Its all glitter and zebra stripes and "live to shop with mom" stuff. We also have an issue with stuff looking too "baby" for a 2YO.
Oh yeah, fluffy frilly dresses - nope. She can go to church in a comfy cotton dress just as easily, and I care much less when she gets paint all over the front. Jesus still loves her IMHO
We have bought her boys clothes from birth. Sorry, she loves puppies and fire trucks as much as any boy. And she loves her Dad too, btw - not just Mom.
I also feel like i must be the only mom of a 2YO DD who has never painted her kids nails.
I am not, never have been, a girly girl, and if we wind up with one we will both be .
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