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Re: Simple moms of girls... Anyone with me?

I don't do big bows, I've made through almost 13 years as a mom of girls with no fancy hairdos and for that I am thankful. My 6 yr old is a huge tomboy but she might wear a tutu skirt with leggings and pink sparkle high tops while she is pulling a chicken around the yard in a wagon.

My 11 yr old wants pink dip-dyed hair but she prefers the fit of boy jeans. I think one thing I have managed to teach my girls is that true beauty is not dependent on what you wear and that you don't have to look like everyone else. Homeschooling helps with this a lot since there is no peer pressure about the latest fashions.

I have noticed since they were little that the type of compliments we get are based on what they have on. If my little girls were dressed in girly clothes then they got "Oh, she's so cute, look at her adorable little dress!!" but if they are dressed more conservatively in "normal" clothes the compliments are about their good behavior or that they have beautiful eyes etc.
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