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Originally Posted by Mackie3
I have a little girl who LOVES to dress up...and I let her wear whatever frilly fancy dress she pleases. A big bow, a tiara...or whatever else she wants. She has more clothes than I do, and I'm fine with that. She wants to be a princess when she grows up, and I've told her all little girls are princesses.
No, I'm not going to let her wear pants with "juicy" or some other suggestive slogan on the butt...but she is a girl, and I will let her embrace that by being over the top girly if she pleases.
On the other hand I have another daughter who plays more like a boy than some boys I've seen. That's ok with me too!
I have only one girl and after three boys I was convinced she would be a roll in the mud loving little sister. Guess what? She LOVES frilly stuff and glittery shoes and wild bows. I let her help me pick out what she wear and that's okay with me. I BUY the clothes so obviously it only goes as far as I let it.

Originally Posted by AbbieJack
Dd wears huge bows and loves them ! In fact she will not leave the house without a bow or headband on. She has clothes that she can't get dirty but she also has clothes that she can do whatever in. I don't see the big deal with her having nice clothes that I would like to keep looking nice. We also do a lot of complete outfits where everything matches from head to toe along with a ton of handmade clothing. I spend a decent amount of money on her wardrobe because I can't stand how "sexed up "most store bought clothing is in her size. We have strict modesty rules in our household so words on the behind and tight fitting clothing are not allowed so I'll agree with you there but not so much on the bow and nice clothing.
I agree with this. Dd has tons of adorable outfits that she can still play in, butt here's nothing weird with having things reserved for special occasions. I wouldn't go take my kids to the playground sand box in my spike heels. Those are for certain functions.
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