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Re: My peepee hurts?

My son gets a red sore in the exact same area after peeing in a diaper that he's worn all night so we have to use sposies. We've upped his water intake thinking it's strong pee "burning" his opening but that didn't help. We just can't use CD's at night.

We got a diaper (used) recently and I didn't wash it b4 putting it on himand last night we put it on and let him wear it all night. This am, yet again, My pee pee hurts! And, sure enough his little opening was sore again. It's some sort of reaction. Don't know if it's the soaps (even the clean rinsing ones doesn't help it) or his pee but we've done all kinds of stripping and new soaps and now that I got this diaper I figured if this mama uses something else maybe that is my prob. Our soap is doing it. But, no. It's just cd's and his urine reacting and causing a sore to develop after wearing it all night.

I know it's not a UTI as he can pee. He makes faces and may say something but he'll still pee. He has a very high tolerance for pain so he probably wouldn't complain about it but if he didn't then I know he'd say something and refuse to go pee.
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