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Originally Posted by ~Cricket~
My DH never knows if or when I test, unless it's positive. I stock up on Dollar Store tests when I know pregnancy is a possibility, and just test once every few days if I think AF is late. This is generally while I'm nursing, so I don't know what my cycle is doing. If I'm past about 30 days from my last period, then I start testing.
Maybe if you have a bunch of cheap tests, and don't bother saying anything to him about it (not to be sneaky - just so he doesn't have to stress) then he wouldn't mind?
Yeah, I've tried that, but if he finds out he gets really mad! So he has specifically asked me not to test without him. He doesn't want me to know before him. He gets really weird and stressed out about testing too. I don't quite get it. I've found the best way to approach it is to drop hints for a few days until he tells me I should test. Or I'll tell him when af is due and then mention it when it's late really casually, and he'll suggest I test within a day or two after that. Unfortunately if its negative he doesn't think I should test again for another week! It's pretty frustrating! Part of it is him not understanding how it all works and how it can be negative one day and positive the next. Anyway, that's why I'm trying to figure out the best strategy. I really want to test now, especially since my boobs are slightly tender and my uterus felt really heavy the other day. I might just pack my tests!

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