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Creative thoughts here please?

My 18 month old nurses nearly ALL night. She is not a gentle nurser at this point though, she digs and claws around for me, wakes up and whines/screeches, and rolls around everywhere until I pacify her with a boob. All night. It is seriously irritating at this point and neither of us are getting restful sleep.

Unfortunatly, the only way this child has learned to go to sleep is via nursing. I am a single mom of three, took the easy way, now it is biting my bum...
We have difficulty even with naps sometimes, she is a very light sleeper and has developed the super baby ability of Mom Motion Sensor. Slowly, I am getting more and more naps to go in the direction I want (a nursing to sleep session when she comes home from HeadStart that puts her in a deep enough sleep where I can get up from the couch.) Most afternoons we achieve this now, and some nights I can do the same, but she still does not sleep deep enough to transfer to the crib.

When my boyfriend stays on the weekend it is becoming much harder to cosleep with her, given her poor bed manners haha. And...for other reasons

My boys were not able to nurse. I coslept with my second and right about the same age I found we no longer made good bed mates. He transitioned to the crib with ease, but he was also a regular deep sleeper.

Something needs to be eliminated! I suppose it cannot be baby, so is it the Mama's nighttime boobs or Mama's bed that needs to go first?
I will continue to nurse her during the day, and I support cosleeping, but this current situation is not working for us!
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