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Originally Posted by MyGlorylife
Question- has the divorce been initiated at the court? As long as one person has filed even if the other person does not respond it makes the case open. Since 2.5 years is clearly past the mandatory waiting period (different depending on states) you can file a hearing for "a change in status". Basically u go in and say that u want your stays changed to divorced- no longer married". They can do this even if u are still working out child custody and stuff/finances. You can also ask the judge to help since the X is not co operating in getting e dry thing finale. All court houses have a court facilitator. Some are better than others some are free and some are not (but cheap) you can ask them to help. But basically you want to file a motion and attach to it an order of "change in status". Anyway so there ya go
The divorce is now final. All papers signed all custody figured out. I'm praying she doesn't make things more complicated or painful for DSS.
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