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Re: What would you do?

My mouth has many teeth that are more filling than tooth. Some of my fillings are tooth colored/resin, some are silver, depending on location. And there has NEVER been a significant difference in "dry time." Now, when I have had fillings done, it's always been multiple fillings at once, and if I recall correctly, my dentist has always done it so that everything being done at the same time is all the same kind of filling, maybe for easy of mixing and billing? I dunno. But, I haven't ever had to deal with an extended dry time when doing tooth colored fillings. And I have some front teeth that have some pretty extensive fillings because of an infection that got pretty bad.

One thing I will say is that when I have gotten tooth colored fillings, my dentist always hits them with a specialized UV light gun. I know they do that to help it dry. Perhaps that is why I have never experienced any sort of difference in dry time? Maybe ask your dentist about something like that.

If they don't do that or don't have that gun, I would honestly start looking around for a new dentist.
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