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Re: How do you tell which way your baby is?

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
Leopold's Maneuvers. Do a search. There are lots of videos and websites describing how to assess fetal lie using this method. I am not really sure how easy it would be to do on yourself.
You are right, I'm an advanced student midwife and it's really hard for me to do Leopold's Maneuvers on myself even at 33 weeks.

There are basic questions that Leopold's are based on that you can use on your self to identify fetal landmarks. What side of your bump is harder than the other side? The harder side would more likely be the back. Which side has more lumps or undistinguishable body parts? Those are more likely to be feet or knees. Are you feeling kicks on one side of your bump or all over? That would tell you if the baby if facing more anteriorly or more posteriorly. Find the top of your uterus, does it feel like there is a hard, round, lump that slides back and forth easily between your hands (probably a head), or a lump that is more soft, irregularly-shaped, and feels like a large amount of the baby moves (probably a butt)? Even just paying attention to how your baby moves can tell you a lot about their positioning.

Hope that helps, good luck!
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