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Re: Introduce yourself!

Hey guys! I'm Kendra, 29 years old, and I too am married to my high school love! We've been married for 9 years. It's incredible how many of us there are! Like jj7202, we are an Air Force family who seem to have a child with every reassignment! lol We had our first at RAF Lakenheath btw, so I know the area and the base very well! We were there from 2004-2007 and lived in what-used-to-be base housing in Newmarket. We had our second in Panama City, FL while stationed at Tyndall AFB. Our first girl came to us while in Monterey, CA, and now we are expecting our fourth here in San Antonio, TX!! We have 4 angel babies as well, 3 of them taking wings last year. This pregnancy was truly a shocker! We fell pregnant within 2 weeks of miscarrying and my ob and I thought that I was so sick from hypothyroidism...right! Surprise!! In the ER for severe dehydration and constant vomitting among other symptoms, we found out we were 6.5 weeks pregnant! It was the weirdest feeling ever! We were still bummed about the miscarriage, kinda thinking about calling the whole baby-making-thing quits, bummed about possibly having thyroid issues, and then absolutely relieved that we were pregnant...WITH TWINS!! (Yeah, that was the best part! lol) Unfortunately by my 11 week OB visit, only 1 heartbeat was detected. With all that's been going on, my hormones causing me to be sicker than I've ever been in my life, it's been hard to connect to this pregnancy. I can't help but think about the ones that didn't make it...So I'm joining this board with the hopes that I can get excited and get my mind off of my symptoms! It truly is great to meet you ladies! I wish us all the best! Go us!
I'm Kendra!
Missing our 4 Angels (11.04)(12.11)(3.12)(12.12)

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