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Oh, and how it changes things for me.

I have to eat very specific stuff, the ADA guidelines are:

Breakfast:15-30 grams carbs. No simple sugars (like fruit).
AM snack: 15-30 carbs
Lunch: 45 grams
Afternoon snack: 15-30 carbs
Dinner: 45-60 grams
Bedtime snack: 45 grams

Everything should be paired with protein. For me that means for every 15 g carbs I try to eat at least 7 G protein. The major draw back for me was that I had planned to limit the amount of dairy I was going to eat the last month of pregnancy as my first son had a dairy sensitivity and I plan on breast feeding again. I now eat TONS of cheese and Greek yogurt. Hopefully it won't be a problem for this baby.

They say they will induce at 39 weeks. I certainly wasn't planning on that. Hopefully she will still be in the normal size range at my 37 week growth scan and I can avoid that.

Also, I'm going to start hand expressing colostrum to save in case her blood sugars are low and they want to supplement.

Other than those things, it is pregnancy as usual here.
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