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Re: Got diagnosed with GD today :-P

Originally Posted by MamaLump View Post
Oh, and how it changes things for me.

I have to eat very specific stuff, the ADA guidelines are:

Breakfast:15-30 grams carbs. No simple sugars (like fruit).
AM snack: 15-30 carbs
Lunch: 45 grams
Afternoon snack: 15-30 carbs
Dinner: 45-60 grams
Bedtime snack: 45 grams
This is very similar to what I did.

I started with:
Breakfast:30 grams carbs.
AM snack: 30 carbs
Lunch: 45 grams
Afternoon snack: 30 carbs
Dinner: 60 grams
Bedtime snack: 30 grams

By the end, I was doing
Breakfast: 45
Snack: 30
Lunch: 45
Snack: 30
Dinner: 45
Snack: 30

Diet controlled mine, I actually only had two sticks over what the goal was the whole time. It was super annoying to have to stick to guidlines... but, the 99 cent bag of dorito's is right around 30 carbs, and if your sugars behave you might be able to cheat with that. I went into labor on my own at 35 weeks, but they weren't wanting me to go past 39. I gained 15 lbs my whole pregnancy, 13 of which were from before starting the diet at 26 weeks.
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