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Best resources for teaching money skills

Not just for thrifty families or homeschoolers, teaching money responsibilities is for all parents, so I'm hoping putting this thread here is the right place.

How do you translate what you know about money, into appropriate lessons for kids? Website references are great, books, personal experience, I'm happy to take it all. Preferably fun hands-on suggestions rather than a lecture style lesson

Age breakdowns for when the various parts/sessions of lessons are appropriate would be good (like many life lessons, I know it's probably earlier than I expect); what are the key behaviors to look for to know they're ready for the lessons? Lots of stuff I see doesn't seem to talk about what to do with little kids other than an allowance, and then it talks about teenagers as an age-lump but we all know there's a big difference between a 13 year old and an 18 year old about to go off to college.

There are lots of other sites and lots of books out there, and I've read some. But what works for your family?
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