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My full term babies were all in the 8 lb range, 8'6 and 8'13. I also had a 33 weeker who was 5'8 and 19 inches and a 37 weeker who was 8'7.

My 8 lb'ers all wore 0-3 months. I brought a newborn sized outfit to the hospital for my oldest and she looked like an over stuffed sausage. She's 19 and we still giggle about how it was just too small for her. The doctors said she would be 5 1/2 lbs, 6 lbs max and she was 8'6. So wrong LOL

For my #2, I didn't get any newborn size, thinking she would be as big as her sister but she arrived at 33 weeks! She was 5'8 but 19 inches so I had to buy a bunch of preemie outfits and cut the feet out of all of them since she was so long. Thankfully it was August so it worked to have a bunch of footless outfits. She is 13 now and 5'11. No one ever believes that she was my preemie.

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