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Re: how common is it for a 5 y/o to read backwards?

Since she is only 5 and young for kindergarten and doesn't do it all the time I wouldn't be too worried but she does need to learn to read from left to right. I think that can be common with kindergartners if they work a lot with sight words. The kindergartners at dd's school do not do that but they are using a very different method than most schools use and we have a different cut off and there are no kids your dd's age in her class. I heard from friends with kids at different schools that are in a good neighborhood so one of the better ones there are kids in the class without much reading ability yet who guess a lot still. My dd took a while for reading to click but she didn't write words backwards or read a word from the right to the left. My 4 year old isn't a fluent reader yet but he does know the direction to read and spell from.

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