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Re: Preschool or not to Preschool - That is the question

I have a 4.5yo DD and a 5month old DS. We've never sent my 4yo to a formal preschool, for several reasons. I work part-time, and so she does go to a home daycare a couple days a week. I didn't want to send her away the other days I was home with her. And like you, the preschool options are all pretty expensive for us. we just didn't feel a need. We are busy enough with activities, and playgroups, etc. On the days I'm home with her, while she doesn't go to a preschool, we get to go to other places together and learn - the aquarium, the library, museums, etc.

and in the process, we've actualy decided to just keep right on homeschooling her (so my opinion is probably a little biased :-). There's not a ton of 'academics' that are going to make or break a 4 yo. IMHO, if you keep your 4yo at home, I think you will enjoy all that extra sweet time you'll spend together.
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