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Re: boobs, beds, and babies

I decided to night wean AND transition to a crib (all of 3ft from my bed) when ds was 13m. Before this, I introduced a "lovey" (I kind of forced it on him in the beginning )

So lets go back 2 months...
At 11months I bought one of those little blankies w/an animal head that are at every store. Every.Single.Time he nursed (which was freakishly often) I put that lovey up against my boob/in his arms. He tried to push it away a lot. After a few days he began to hold it. A few days after that and he HAD to have it.

At 12m I started putting him down for a nap (after nursing) in his crib with his lovies (yes, plural, he became addicted to these things and accumulated 9 by the time he was 2)

So here we are at 13m. Cosleeping at night. Nursing all night. Me not getting any sleep. I decided it had to stop. So, I bathed him, nursed him, told him it was bed time, and then put him in his crib with his lovies. He fussed a bit, but fell asleep (used to naps in his crib by this point.) I decided that I would not nurse if he woke up before 5hrs passed. <--- That was my personal time limit. You can adjust as you see best.
Sure enough, Mr. Nurse All Night woke up every hour. Sometimes every 30mins. I comforted him, but did not allow him to nurse (make sure your boobs are covered, lol)
After the 5hr window he was allowed to come back into my bed and nurse. Within a week he was happy with this arrangement.

However, we regressed around you childs age , and then I had to start the whole process over at 27 months and it was torture.

Honestly, its better to start now than to wait any longer. It may be rough for a week or so, but then itll be so incredibly nice!
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