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Re: Pocket Diapers

Originally Posted by nachoslyn View Post
Besides the double gussets what is the difference in the structure of them that makes the round tabs better?

With all the BG reviews im inclined to go that route but the price of the Alvas really is tempting especially if you " don't get what you pay for". FB's have been a hit or miss for us. Stuffing them is a hassel because it is so narrow but i love how trim they are. Do the BGs or Alva's have the stuffing issue as well?
The snaps are different on the DGs, the hip snap is closer to the middle, and I always get wing droop on them, at least with my toddler. I also do not like diapers that have openings for the insert at both ends, I find that I often overshoot it and struggle to get the inserts in there perfectly.

Lots of people love the DGs better though, you should probably try them. I might like them more when my newborn daughter is big enough for them, I hear they fit earlier than the normal diapers.
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