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Fiber content?
Diaper style?
Environmentally concious?
Supporting individual?

First is price. I'm a practical person and if it isn't affordable or will cause undo burden on the family, I won't do it. Second point, is it healthy for my baby and for our family? Considering the effect of a day in disposables on my LO's bum, I am willing to do a little extra work to keep him comfortable. Next, I like to think of how environmentally conscious it is. Will this cause a huge footprint or not? I consider things like how much water will be needed and what impact will a dozen disposables a day cause on the environment. That argument really convinced me. Then comes the look and ease of using a cloth diaper versus a disposable, and I can say that cloth is easier because I never have to run to the store because I ran out of diapers. Less time behind the wheel means less stress for me, less impact on our family's ecosystem. Another selling point for me is where it's made, as it means keeping jobs in the country and sustaining a more local economy. My entire collection as of this moment is of USA-made dipes.
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