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Re: Baby!.. and help needeed/vent...

melilo, why would you not want to give/save the milk with antibiotics in it? Possible thrush at a later time (when baby gets the milk) or something else? Generally speaking, if a med is something they would give to an infant if that infant were ill, it is safe for breastfeeding (and consumption of the milk by the baby, if it were pumped), and Hale supports breastfeeding with many, many antibiotics. Seems too precious to dump it, but I admit after having a newborn myself, my brain isn't working like normal.

Back to the OP: I hope things are looking up and you are able to get close to your baby soon. <3

About the antibiotics for baby: new babies should not have fevers, and no one wants a sick neonate; whether baby has a fever because mom did, or baby genuinely has an infection or illness, antibiotics are standard as a treatment/preventative measure. And since babies can't really take antibiotics orally effectively, the option is IV antibiotics, which means a longer hospital stay.
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