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Re: Am I really that much stricter than other Moms?

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
Our friends think I am a drill sergeant But they always complement how well behaved our children are. I am never clear why they can't make the correlation between boundaries and behavior I am no joke about appropriate behavior and when we have children guests I lay it down for them too. Everybody knows that I say what I mean and mean what I say. I am rather fed up with children running around acting like they have no home training. Now I will crawl down off of my soap box.
Yeah, ours don't seem to grasp that either, LOL. I have so many friends who comment on how calm and well-behaved our kids are (as theirs are running around screaming and destroying stuff and they are completely oblivious to it). I'm like HELLO... that kind of stuff isn't acceptable at my house and my children know it. Running/screaming/throwing is outdoor activity in this house.
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