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Re: Am I really that much stricter than other Moms?

We have rules but not the same as the OP. Meals are at the table (mostly, dh often eats in the livingroom) but there is no hard rule about eating in the livingroom. Food staying downstairs is a soft rule (I can break it, as well as dh or my teen. I might also allow popcorn for movies upstairs). Balls are free to fly in the playroom and sometimes the livingroom if I am participating. The Nerf dart guns are used all over the house when we get into that. There is no jumping on furniture, including beds. I don't mind running (if they get hurt running, they will slow down). I do have a rule about coming in and out. Shoes off at the door and no going in and out constantly. If they are doing that I warn that the next time they come in....they stay in. One warning. NO slamming doors. Ever.

If we had more kids, or a smaller home then I might have some of the same rules as OP. For our situation, some of them just aren't necessary. I guess I make rules as things become a problem. Running, throwing balls, and snacks (non-messy) in the livingroom just haven't been a problem.

ETA: my kids are fully capable of following other peoples rules. For example, they don't play ball inside at my parents because they have lots of breakables around (I'm not a knick-knack type). Somehow, they figured that all out on their own. No retraining necessary every time they enter a different setting.
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