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Re: Am I really that much stricter than other Moms?

Those are normal rules and it doesn't make you strict. However, people who don't share those rules doesn't make their kids horrible or misbehaved. My kids are constantly complimented by family, friends and strangers. My kids are allowed to run and jump in the basement (there is nothing in there but a few tote boxes and a old couch), they are allowed to jump and climb on the couch in the basement and in their toy room, they are allowed to throw soft balls in the toy room and basement, they are allowed to jump on the bed. They don't jump on the living room furniture, dinning room furniture or the furniture of others. Meals are eaten at the table but snacks can be eaten in the toy room or living room as long as they are sitting down.

My rules are -
Legos and puzzles can be played at the table or hard floor surface (only reason is so it's easier to clean up)

Toys can be played with anywhere but you have to pick them up at the end of the day or when you're done with them and ready for something new

You have to sit when eating snacks

Dishes need to go into the sink or counter

Clothes go into the hamper

No shoes on in the house

That's pretty much it, and I don't have unruly kids
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