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Re: charcoal vs regular bamboo?

I've got no clue. The only thing I've heard about charcoal anything I read on a seller's website

About Bamboo Charcoal Fleece:
Bamboo is anti-bacterial which make bamboo charcoal fabrics healthy.

Absorbs moisture, drys quickly , breaths freely:
The fibers special honeycombed paths can absorb moisture quickly and disperses to the surface of the fabric, so it ensures your skin stays dry and comfortable.

Humidity adjustment:
The relative surface of bamboo charcoal is large with hundreds of gaps, which makes it able to adjust around the humidity of the environment.

Bamboo charcoal has the function of absorbing the odor of hair, sweat, smell of in house odors and decomposes with detoxification.

Anion effect:
The anion in bamboo charcoal is penetrable which will relax nerves, purify air and cure headaches, insomnia and arthritis.

Permanent effect:
drys quickly after being washed, and keeps this property forever, no matter how many times washed.[from]
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