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Re: Baby!.. and help needeed/vent...

Lurking (looking at all your cute babies!)

I agree with the others. You need to demand to be with your baby and if they say no they need to explain to you why you are not able to be with your baby and tell you when you can. Even if they are afriad of you passing something they can gown you up, gloves, mask the whole nine yards and still allow you to at least touch the baby.

It comes down to this. YOU ARE THE MOTHER. Unless there is a risk of serious complications for your baby there is no other reason they shouldn't be letting you begin nursing and bonding. For sure ask why you can't and if you are not satisfied with their answers demand to be taken to your baby or tell them you will request a transfer to another hospital that appreciates the special need of a newborn baby for its mother.

Hugs momma! I hope things start getting better for you.
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