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Re: Baby!.. and help needeed/vent...

First of all, I want to thank EVERYONE for their responses. I read them as the day/night went on and used the very valuable advice, but couldn't respond until now. It was so helpful in my pp emotional state to have supportive and sound advice!! I know I don't post much, but you mamas are awesome!!!

Here's an update if you were curious:

It took hours, but after constant pestering I finally got a nurse to get me a pump (DH didn't want to leave me to buy a pump, and we already have one ordered and on the way). I started pumping right away, about every 2 hours. I kept all that I got.

We took what I pumped to the nursery and stated firmly that instead of the sugar water they were feeding her via syringe to use what I pumped. I understood their reasoning for why they didn't want her to nurse or bottle feed, but feeding her sugar water when there was alternatives was ridiculous. They were surprised by the idea, but did not have a problem with it and used it. So even though I wasn't able to nurse, the sugar water nonsense stopped.

Nobody knows what caused my fever and why it went so high (whether it was infection or epi/labor related), but my fever broke late last night. At that point, I felt comfortable enough being with her without worrying about what I might be transferring to her. There was about 6 hours between when my fever broke and when I got to see and hold her today.

I also started asking the NICU folks very specific questions, like why exactly I was unable to come into the nursery, antibiotic questions, ect. Turns out the demographic at this hospital usually want to sleep/rest and are not as involved with care as I am/want to be so they were blowing me off. I now know I have to state very specifically what my expectations are with each shift change and ever since I have had no problems. The antibiotics she is on are prophylactic in case what I had was an infection and it passed on to her. At this point, I'm OK with it because I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I am also excited to say that I was finally able to nurse with Miss Harper mid-day today. I was worried about nursing issues since it had been a day after delivery, but thankfully she was able to successfully latch after a few false starts. Ever since, she's been a nursing champ! The LC was very surprised - it ended up being a short visit. I have even gotten to the point where the NICU nurses will call me when she wakes up to nurse!

Her respiratory issues are improving, but she did have a high bilirubin level so they put her under bili light so that they can try to keep it under control. Assuming her lab work and respiratory stats keeps getting better, they think she can be discharged by tomorrow evening!! If things head downhill however, they will be keeping her here and putting her on a 7-day course of antibiotics with additional testing to figure out exactly what's going on. If she still is having bilirubin issues by the time we are discharged, the doctors said that they would work with a local home health company where we live to get her a bili blanket or something similar.

After my failed VBAC I think I was in a low spot and I was able to build myself back up with this advice to fight for what was right for my sweet girl and me!
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