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Re: ADD diet or supplements help?

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
DS2 is lactose intolerant, so he all ready is restricted on dairy. The silly thing is, sugar and red dye (or any dyes, really) don't seem to make a difference in him. If anything, his only trigger we've seen for hyperactivity is chocolate.
DS1 does react to red dye and sugar, becoming very hyperactive and out of control. But he doesn't seem to have attention/distraction troubles, just hyperactive.

DS2 doesn't seem to be that hyperactive, honestly. I mean, he's an active near-7-year-old boy, but nothing abnormal, kwim? It's that he gets distracted constantly whenever he tries to focus on something. A good example is sitting down for lunch at home - he'll make himself a sandwich, sit down and take a bite, then when we walk by the table he's got his lunch out... plus scissors and a craft and crayons and a coloring book - because he can't seem to stop himself and finish one thing, kwim? If he thinks about something, he has to get up and get/do it right then, no matter what he's all ready doing.
It's annoying to me, cuz it means a lot of mess and not getting cleaned up, but it's becoming annoying to him too.
Sometimes diet just doesn't help. We tried it with DS1 (who does have an ADHD-PI diagnosis and sounds just like your DS2 with the distractability/space cadet behavior) but since he was already eating so well, there wasn't much else to change. We do give him DHA supplements, but we give all the kids those. It's possible that it helps his attention or makes it so he can be on a lower dose of medication. We did end up medicating since the diet stuff didn't make a change and he was frustrated with himself.

That said, DH (DS1's step father) has RLS when he eats vanillan (artificial vanilla flavor). It took us a while to figure it out and I thought I might have to swaddle him and tie him to the bed so I could sleep. Now I'm really a big meanie about what he can have for dessert at night. Sure, hon, eat the oreo ice cream sandwich. Just plan to sleep on the couch!
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